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Informal hairstyles that you can imitate as soon as possible

Informal hairstyles that you can imitate as soon as possible


It is very common to see a million results when we refer to our next hair style. Season of the season The pictures of Pinterest are updated with a number of stylistic possibilities that, in many occasions, only end up confusing us or making the choice more difficult. Usually, every time we try to immerse ourselves in a gallery, we find well-cut cuts: short, side shaves, impeccable polish and techniques such as faded or undermined. However, not all men are lovers of the strict and we opt more towards informal and carefree hair styles.

By 2019 wearing the hair becomes a matter of natural, wild and fun styles. Navigating against the current – talking about well-worked hairstyles – is the trend for men who prefer long hair, but with style. For this year, celebrities and Hollywood stars have given us, in their latest appearances, a manual worthy of imitation. We summarize the best.


Troyen Sivan

The popularity of the hair degraded from the sides and pompadour, each time loses strength. The current form of that style comes in a more relaxed format. The sides can retain a very low length and the top wavy; with a moderate time that allows to mold with the wind.

Preserves the “free” texture with a medium intensity fixative to obtain a more natural texture.

AFRO 2.0

Donald Glover

For the lucky ones to have a very curly hair and with a generous amount of facial hair; Afro style hair becomes the best ally to show that hair does not necessarily need short to look good. If you decide -and your genetics allows you- to use a curly and volume,  always try to take care of the texture with the help of certain products.. If you choose to accompany this look with a bushy beard; take care and keep it short. To avoid the homeless look, with hair and “fluffed” beard.

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Cole Sprouse

Although most of the men in early 2018 began a revolution and obsession with blonde hair, by the end of last year, a new and contrary phenomenon began to manifest itself: dyeing black hair. Although, to give a radical turn to our hair will always renew our personality. The proof of this is Cole Sprouse who has challenged the genetics and has gone from being the iconic and classic blond to an updated version of the dark-haired Latino.


Ryan Gosling

Very low or shaved cuts are manifested with a slightly longer and unruly bangs at the top. The trick to wear the same look of Ryan Gosling is to leave 1 or 2 centimeters of extra length to the crown of the head. Peel it in front with the help of your fingers and a wax that fixes the hair.


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