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The revival of Soviet fashion (explained by Gregory Emvy)

If you have seen me on  Instagram latey, you may notice that I have recently worn many clothes with Cyrillic letters, including a t-shirt by Gosha Rubchinskiy that says “Russian Renaissance”.During my travels I always try to see what the local people are wearing, and I realized some time ago that in all the coolest boutiques in the world , they are starting to selling pieces by Russian designers. With the arrival of Demna Gvasalia as creative director at Balenciaga a year and a half ago, this phenomenon spread, which made me very interested in getting to know the point of view of Gregory Emvy, a Russian artist whom at an early age he was sent by his parents to an art school in Nizhy where he graduated at age 16. At age 24 he dedicated full time to his painting, and since 2014 he is a member of the International Fund for the Arts. Besides just being an artist, he has a very special appreciation of fashion.

Why do you think there is an international boom of Russian fashion recently, with subcultures of the 90s like punk, skaters and Soviet nationalism?

“I think people are tired of the violence and want to rebel against it that’s why they reclaimed this style. If you look at the Fashion Week in Paris and London, this was the message designers wanted to project. People long for freedom, and that is why we can see so many printed nihilistic statements. “

As a Russian, what is your point of view and how do you see this international interest in your national fashion?

“The country is so controversial, that it will always attract attention. On top of that, the youth of the 90s has already grown up and has the right to speak now. They are educated people who speak several languages, travel the world and know very well their place in the world. Designers and brands such as Sorry I’m Not, Vika Gazinskaya, Walk of Shame, Artem Krivda had become internationally relevant because they have a good understanding of current trends inside and outside the country. “

Who do you think are the biggest icons of Russian fashion?

“I would say Terekhov Fashion House, Ruban Sisters, Ulyana Sergeenko, Jenia Malygina of Pirosmani (this brand can easily be compared to Rick Owens or Boris Bidjan).”

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Are there any garment that you have not found, but have been looking for a long time? 

“A black jumpsuit that I like.”

To know more about Gregory Emvy, visit the complete interview on the gallery above and his  página web and Instagram.

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