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The best artisan tailoring houses in Mexico

Men’s clothing is much more than tha. Far from the fast-fashion clothing that have invaded our closets in recent years, tailoring occupies a special space: a space worthy of quality, tradition, perfect finishes and a made to measure perceptible from the first moment in crossing look with a textile delicate. This craft, which since ancient times has been considered as art in the creation of masculine garments, has adopted techniques that have been inherited from generation to, thus, offer contemporary man something more than a simple garment. Each piece made by a premium tailoring house encapsulates a myriad of processes to adapt, perfectly, to the body for which it was created.

Foto: Tomorrowland TailorsWe took on the task of investigating the best tailoring houses in Mexico, which offer personalized and customized service to the anatomy of each client, with the purpose of creating unique pieces with the highest standards of quality and tailoring.


Foto: Tomorrowland Tailors

This house “Made in Mexico” is born from the need of its three partners to not find a tailor shop of international quality in the city, obtaining, through the years, one of the best places to acquire a suit tailored in an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. To obtain a piece of Tomorrowland Tailors it is necessary to follow a series of traditional steps: the first is to schedule an appointment to be attended privately, the second step is to choose the ideal textile for the garment to create; receiving the advice of a specialized craftsman who will guide the process of taking measures to finish with the perfect preparation in a range of 3 to 5 weeks.

Where? Torre Virreyes – Pedregal 24, Molino del Rey, Mexico City.


Foto: Havoc

This tailor’s house founded in Mexico adapts to the needs and the new way of buying the businessman, offering a wide online catalog where you can choose your suit and then tailor it to your needs. This e-commerce, allows easy access and a quick look at everything that this house can offer, together with personalized service in its showroom where, its highly trained craftsmen, will take meticulously the exact measurements to create, from shirts, to full suits of three pieces.

Where? Av. Explanada 730, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City.


Foto: Welton

With more than 30 years of history, this premium tailor shop has founded its own workshops and has a team of specialized craftsmen with the house’s own techniques. Its quality in textiles and clothing have placed it as one of the best, since each creation is sublime to the client’s body. Its founder, the teacher, Enrique Welton established the house in the 80s in the capital of the country and, over the years, has merged his ideology and techniques of English roots with influences in Italian design, but with a process and preparation Mexican spirit. The work is so exact that there are different departments of work: the experts in pants and masters in bags.

Where? Aristóteles 81-304, Polanco, Mexico City.


Despite being a firm created in Spain, it has a presence in Mexico with different points within the country. Its service offers a wide catalog with seasonal collections and a bespoke service specialized in ceremonies and high profile events. This house has wide options in fabrics to make, of each garment, a perfect handmade piece.

Where? Flagship Store: Av. Presidente Masaryk 203, Polanco, Ciudad de México.

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