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Tips for getting a perfect shave from home

Tips for getting a perfect shave from home

Among the rituals of male care, shaving, highlighted by the rest for its prominence, frequency and, above all, for the notorious result of such action. Although beards also have their space and their popularity, a shaved and careful face is worthy of a meticulous process to be able to achieve it and eliminate, without any error, facial hair.

Shaving goes beyond a neat and clean aesthetic appearance. Many men decide to eliminate any trace of beard and mustache for reasons of hygiene -although leaving it also has its benefits- and avoid the accumulation of dust that, in some physical activities, is usually present. Whatever the reason for doing it, or not, it is of the utmost importance to learn an infallible technique to obtain good results in shaving.

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In the market, currently, there are countless creams and foams, electric machines, traditional rakes and balsams for post-shave care that give us an entire experience in this aesthetic exercise, but; Of course, it is necessary to know how to use these elements to obtain better results.

Prepare the skin:

Before starting it is important to clean, perfectly, the skin. Rinse the face with plenty of hot water. This not only with the intention of removing any impurities, but also to open the pores and soften the hair.

Apply foam:

Apply foam or special gel to shave and distribute with circular movements throughout the beard area. Let stand for a couple of minutes to absorb; This will make the hair softer and the passage of the blade will not cause irritation.

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The time has come:

Start from top to bottom; at the level of the sideburns and continues down the various areas of the neck and face. Always in the direction of hair growth. Once the rest of the beard is removed, the rake passes, now, in the opposite direction to the birth; all this, with the intention of achieving a perfect finish.

The order:

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It is important to leave the most delicate areas prone to cuts, such as the chin and the mustache area. Always finish with these areas, so, the shaving cream will have more action time and may soften the area more.

The end:

Check the height of the pins taking as reference some area of the ear. Then, rinse the face with cold water and dry with a towel all parts of the face and neck. Finally apply a post-shave lotion to refresh and moisturize the skin.



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