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Uomo Signature: The scent of the future by Salvatore Ferragamo

In the wide world of perfumery, choosing the right notes and creating a new fragrance is, by far, an art capable of transporting us to any place in the world, of going back to some date in history or of remembering sensations and emotions that have touched our most intimate fibers in a personal event. But, few perfumes, are able to transport us to the future and to encapsulate, in a small bottle, those aromas that invite us to a journey in unknown time.

All these attributes and peculiarities are possessed by Uomo Signature, the third link of UOMO by Salvatore Ferragamo. This new elixir is distinguished from the rest by its noir identity and nocturnal spirit; The fragrance, of prolonged sensation, is powerful and strong, thanks to the leather notes that evoke the Florentine tradition.

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The masculine passion is sealed by the hypnotism of the aroma of coffee and tonka bean.

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Alberto Morillas -nose of the fragrance UOMO Signature-

This powerful and intense fragrance comes to life thanks to the masterful skills of Alberto Morillas-official nose of perfume-who, during his creation process, did not stop imagining the essence of the man of the future: a powerful, dynamic man with a strong bond with the tradition of the past.

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