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3 mexican brands to get that real cool leather jacket

3 mexican brands to get that real cool leather jacket


The opening of the new season is starting and it is not only the brands that have started these movements since months ago, but also fashion assiduous buyers who are preparing and adopting the hasty commercial calendar to take on the new trends. Within these movements there is also room for smart purchases: those we make out of necessity and usefulness. These garments, which are called basic, turn out to be the best purchase and it is not for more, because the functionality and durability, therefore, is closely related to quality. This factor represents an important investment for a piece that, surely, will give a great battle accompanying us for several seasons.

Foto: Diego Velasco

When we talk about star pieces of the male wardrobe, it is indisputable to make a space and niche of honor to the biker jacket. A timeless garment that has never stopped appearing; On the contrary, each season he does it renewing himself again and again, because, in the back of the wardrobe, he will always have his special place.

Biker Jacket de Dan Cassab Foto: Cortesía

In order to buy a biker jacket that lasts a long time, the first step is to think about the material. Genuine leather has a fairly long life, and, with the necessary and basic care, this garment can pass into the hands of another generation. We analyze 3 Mexican brands that offer us, in one piece, high standards of quality, confection and design.



Led by Patricio Campillo, The Pack is a reference of masculine style and fashion in Mexico. Their maximum care in the details and their quality make their garments a real jewel.

Where? Havre 46, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City.



This luxury brand focused on skins, almost exclusively, on the creation of bikers and genuine leather jackets. Their handmade techniques and custom finishes materialize in a wide catalog of contemporary designs of biker jackets. Its quality is exceptional.

Where? Monte Athos 115, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City


This designer’s namesake brand offers leather pieces filled with nostalgia. Her designs are a trip to the past; making references to the 70’s, the cowboy style and hippie airs.

Where? www.palomalira.com




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