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MSGM is the Italian firm that bets it all on streetwear

MSGM is the Italian firm that bets it all on streetwear


In a sports field the Italian designer explored and translated the sportswear codes of the early 90s in an interesting mix of prints, logos and stripes in explosive, vibrant colors and with neon winks. The collection, simply called GAME, encapsulates a whole new wave generation in Italy and the influence of coastal areas. The collection became somewhat nostalgic and reflective when, Giorgetti, explained in backstage, that the main inspiration of his delivery SS 19 is marked by having grown up in a beach area; influenced by nightlife, swimsuits and clothes much younger looking.

Sports looks opened the show: a set of technical jackets synchronized with pants or shorts. Striped and loose shirts, jackets and t-shirts with large illustrations and sweatshirts invaded by logos, immediately reminded the tropics; with palm prints and quite saturated tones.

That fucking youth spirit was also transported to tailoring outings, with suits brought to a relaxed attitude. Some upper garments were adorned by XL logos and legends like “Energy” and “Charge”, others stood out from the rest, like the shirts with graphics and illustrations by Mila & Shiro from the 1984 Japanese manga series “Attacker You!” , which opens a new window towards oriental culture and its peculiar style in streetwear.

The accessories also played a definite role in the delivery: rough sandals in colored blocks and sports socks, oakley glasses and flat caps dictated that, for Massimo, the influences are concrete. The dad sneakers appeared in most of the looks and, in this way, they confirm that their presence will be with us for a couple more seasons.


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