Juan Pablo Medina: his rise to mainstream and the fragility of being an actor


If you have not seen The House of Flowers in the three days it has been available on Netflix, you may be just as oblivious as me while interviewing Juan Pablo Medina about the importance of his character in the series. In just three days, the internet once again joined in its post-Netflix environment after weeks of lethargy due to the absence of that other series. Now de la Mora are kings of memes and conspiracy theories on the internet and Juan Pablo Medina is at the epicenter of this. I reiterate: if you have not seen the series, Juan Pablo is pivotal for the story and maybe there are spoilers ahead.

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Juan Pablo Medina -as I just casually called him throughout a morning of photos and interviews for his entertainment- was born in the United States of a medical doctor and lived in Virginia the first four years of his life, but more than a #BornInTheUSA , Juan Pablo is defined as a seeker. Of what? “In that I am, in the constant search”. While we chatted I told Juan Pablo that we were about to launch “The new age”, focusing on the maturity of the men and whatever that means, so Juan Pablo adds “it’s not that it changes with age, you’re always looking something, but what I have found, fortunately, is what I like the most and that I can live from that and that gives me a lot of peace “. When he was young (his words, not mine), Juan Pablo studied Business Administration and then some theater workshops and the plan was just to have that career cushion and start with the acting search. “Halfway through the race I realized that I was out of place and in the performance I found what motivates me until today … and I am very happy”. Do you understand the strength of this assertion? Search and follow your calling is possibly the hardest task of man and, however, the benefits of that are greater in what it returns to you as a person than what you project, despite the beautiful facade.

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“It has its ups and downs, like every profession, but it is less stable.” I ask Juan Pablo if, with this in mind, I would recommend a young man who wants to be an actor to go to sleep fully -with the chamba and madriza that implies- or have the mattress of “stability”. “100% go completely and I think that in the acting career it is very easy to realize if you are going there or not. This race is very hard. It breaks you inside; it takes away all the masks that you create in life and that makes you very fragile … but it’s still very interesting”.

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Another very interesting thing is that as all roads lead to Rome, all my interviews last month lead to Manolo Caro and the streaming revolution that has been going strong in the industry for a few years now. Juan Pablo is a constant in Caro’s films and, when doing this interview, a couple of weeks were missing for the premiere of La Casa de las Flores on Netflix. No one ever warned me of the eventual importance of Diego Olvera, the character of Juan Pablo, in the final development of this first season, but before the revolution we had a couple of series that were forming the new golden age of entertainment that occurs and consumed in the country. I’m your fan was the first local series to break it to such a degree in its expansive wave that people still have it as a reference to eight years of his run by Once TV. Juan Pablo was in 25 chapters, which were vital in his career and status as a celebrity. “That was an incredible streak of Channel Eleven to risk making this kind of content different from what we were used to and, at least with the ones I worked on in that series, it was a very important change in our careers. I like all genres and make any kind of characters, but TV has a reputation for being badly written, so making a character that stands out becomes a very complex job. But when you have the opportunity to work in series like this, when it is much more natural and you see yourself much more reflected, you do not want to let it go and you want it to continue and follow that path. After I am your fan I have worked in many series and movies -which is what I like to do the most, but the most crap is that, to date in 95% people come to recognize me -and it is not something that interests me that they recognize me in the streets- of the character of I am your fan, even with white hair “. Little did we know two weeks ago – underestimating the power of the internet, that his Diego Olvera can take over.

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Or Juan Pablo knew it? His character, in a vaguely predictable turn of events announced by the phrase “she’s an Aries, like me”, pulls the plot of the series in its final stretch of the season stealing millions and millions of pesos that would use the Mora to rescue the House de las Flores via paying for the absolution of the patriarch for his social return to the anniversary party of the family business. Seeing the series, the almost endearing relationship of the characters of Juan Pablo Medina and Darío Yazbek Bernal, shows his highest level of maturity since the character of Juan Pablo driving the exit of Julián’s closet -the character of Darío, to live a life full as a couple without hidden or repercussions. The most real scene of the series is possibly between the two of them, when after agreeing to have an open relationship with Billy (or Willy) and spending an occasional night sharing his marital bed with the third, Diego breaks into jealousy running to Billy ( or Willy) of the department and confronts her childish boyfriend finishing off with the phrase “I do not have to fulfill your whims so you do not go with someone else”. If that does not resonate in what it means to be gay trying to have a stable relationship, I do not know what else does – and in the voice of Juan Pablo Medina resonates deeper because his character is supposed to know more about life than the other.

And what does Juan Pablo Medina know more about life that has given him the work he can share with the class?
“Now I think I’m at the best point of my career … yes I think I am, I do not know, but emotionally I’m calm. That’s the most chinky feeling that your work takes you in life … although I do not like to seeing myself on screen, but I have to do it because I have to study my ways. ” Seeing yourself to study your ways? That’s a life lesson that transcends the profession, age and complexes of anyone.


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